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hoshi wo ou kodomo + sky 

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Dear gif reposters, 

Please, keep reposting my gifs. I make them so untalented fucks like you can go and repost them. I don’t give a shit about my gifs, that’s why I watermark them. Who the fuck cares about the hours I spend Photoshopping them to perfection. I love wasting my time. I’m totally fine with getting no credit for my work. I’m even more fine with other people reposting them and taking credit. Reblogging is so passé. Who fucking reblogs anymore? Why should I fucking reblog something when I can just make a new post out of it and get more notes and followers? I should just stop making gifs and start stealing them too. 


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that’s it. that’s the movie

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Korra, is that the handsome fire bender boy that drives you crazy? Does he drive you crazy in a bad way, or does he drive you crazy like you like him?

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: symbolizes the great wickedness of rebellion and sin;

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Fire and Ice - by Robert Frost

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Tokyo Ghoul:re PV

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