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One Photoset Per Character

Toph Beifong

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'Kohaku' - Spirited Away

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Does it ever end? This is further east than I’ve ever been, but yes Khaleesi even the Red Waste. But you’re sure there is no other way. We go south to the land of the Lhazareen, the lamb men will kill us and take your dragons. We go west to the Dothraki sea, the first Khalasar we meet will kill us and take your dragons.

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When Gou is all of us

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Lisbon is like San Francisco on steroids only European. I love it.

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"I’m amazed at how a lot of people have come up to me and said, ‘That’s about time that happened,’ and I’m trying to figure out - because we never really set anything up. It just kind of happened." - Matthew Perry on fans’ reaction to Chandler and Monica getting together in London

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Kotonoha no Niwa + Lifelike animation.

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Make me Choose!
enchantedlydisney asked : Beauty and the Beast or Mulan?