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Daddy’s had enough now!

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It’s the new sexy

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What is interesting is that initially no one thought what could be done, Molly & Sherlock, it was like a joke, but despite us, despite me and despite the writers, something happened in the last season and now we no longer laughed at the idea that yes, something could happen between them. - Louise Brealey,

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is he clean?


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Drowning in the waters I once knew as home…”

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Sherlock + Breaking the fourth wall

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"Every person has their pressure point - someone that they want to protect from harm.”

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#Moments I actually teared-up during #The fact that they’ve gone from ‘Who are you? What do you do?’ #To organising a system they can both use to instantly recognise a ‘client’ #gives me so many feelings #And god just the fact that we get to see them like this #and watch them learn to grow into each-other and learn to fit with and around eachother #Will never stop being one of my favourite things about them

There’s a little hand gesture that John does in the last GIF, it seems that Sherlock mimics it as well. I need a new hobby.

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